The new board and operating team of HGTECH was elected

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Key words: New board and operating team of HGTECH; energize the staff; development prospects

On July 29th, the second contemporary general meeting of shareholders was held to elect the members of the seventh board and the board of supervisors of HGTECH. At the meeting of the seventh board held firstly later, Ma Xinqiang was elected chairman and president of HGTECH, Liu Hanshu was elected the vice president, secretary of the board and the financial controller, and Xiong Wen and Zhang Qin was elected the vice president of HGTECH.

When receiving the interview of the media, chairman Ma Xinqiang stated that HGTECH now faces a period of development that never existed before, in the next three years, the new board and operating team of HGTECH will focus on energizing the staff, and make the company more energetic and efficient so as to realize a rapid growth.

As for the strategy on management, HGTECH shall stick to be powered by both product and capital and take internationalization and informatization as two assistance, strengthen all kinds of management of risks, aim to provide key product and plan for intelligent manufacturing, optimize the layout of the industry, use talents to support chains of the industry and innovation and strengthen the industrial study, formulate strategy more forward-thinking, put resources precisely, and dig potential and synergy of business sectors.

As for the executive layer, HGTECH shall focus on energizing the staff and take the executive ability as core competitiveness. There are three aspects of work: first, reduce the level of management and to be flat, through informatization, realize data management and digital operation to promote the management efficiency and respond speed for customers; second, stress on performance, by reforming the wage and benifit and applying the pattern of innovators and product line, stimulate the innovation vitality; third, build a wolf-like marketing team through professional recruitment, systematic training and efficient incentive rules.

At the present, all business sectors of HGTECH go well, the orders of the laser advanced manufacturing equipment industry grow rapidly, until May, the growth is over 100% compared with the same period last year; dissatisfied with short-term income that traditional home appliances bring, HGTECH invent PWM controller and P M2.5 sensors based on two applied directions of smart home and new energy cars, and has fulfilled great amount of production in SAIC and JAC, and the scale and net profit have increased greatly; domestic high level optical module laser chip mainly relies on import, the optical communication device industry of HGTECH has appealed excellent talents to set up research center in Chengdu, which is hopeful to achieve great breakthrough in chip technology and enhance the technical strength and product capabilities of the front end. At present, China has finalized 5G route, will fulfill pre-commercial appliance of 5G network in 2019, and the infrastructure expenditure of 5G will be 180 billion in 5-7 years. In2030, 5G network will drive China’s direct economic output of 6.3 trillion yuan, and economic added value of 2.9 trillion yuan; the information tracing business of HGTECH has gained national support of 30 million yuan from the project Internet plus, participated in making standards of national intelligent manufacturing, and two of which has been included in the list of “2017 intelligent manufacturing standardization and new model applications ”; in the end of 2016, HGTECH entered the area of medical equipment and health service industry, did research in proton radiotherapy equipment with the joint of Huazhong Technology University and Wuhan Union Hospital, the program of proton heavy ion research and treatment center will start in September in Wuhan airport economic and technological development zone, which is designed to be a national model center of proton and ion diagnosis and treatment.

This year, HGTECH will raise 1.8 billion yuan to invest four projects: the industrialization project of laser precise micro-nano processing intelligent equipment, the project of intelligent factory based on laser robot system, the industrialization project of new sensor for internet of things and the project of intelligent eternal industry. After been put into production, these projects can bring an increase of 4 billion yuan in sales revenue and rapid development for HGTECH.