Hubei satellite TV focuses on the overseas layout of HGTECH

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Key Words: Hubei satellite TV; HGTECH; research center overseas

On the night of June 15th, the news program of Hubei satellite TV mentioned three key enterprises, systematically reported that many enterprises of Hubei province set up research centers overseas in order to participate global competition, among those enterprises, HGTECH is a standard example in building overseas research centers and actively expanding its market shares overseas.

This is the news report:

Innovation should be open, in recent years, Hubei province encourages the enterprises to extend their tentacles of innovation, in other words, to set up research centers overseas so that they can learn advanced technology, and through innovation and cooperation, realizing the rapid developments of their industry eventually.

The demands of laser precision micro-nano processing technology and products in the northern American market are great, in the beginning of 2017, HGTECH set up the research center in the silicon valley, offering specialized services for clients, “According the features of our products and the demands of our clients, we set up research center in the areas where the clients gathered so as to know the clients’ demands as soon as possible.” Ma Xinqiang, the party secretary and chairman of HGTECH said so.

Owing to the construction of the research centers in Australia, Canada and America, HGTECH’s overseas market is expanding continuously, “Our export volume has increased by 100% until May this year. ” chairman Ma said.