Looking for Entrepreneurial Models of Optical Valley

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On the evening of 14th April, the Final of CCTV "Looking for Entrepreneurial Models of Optical Valley" was held in Optical Valley Biolake of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Zone. Liu Jingfeng, the developer of mini PC platform (pcDuino), and Ouyang Chenxi, the pioneer of bionic artificial blood vessel, stand out of the competition and will be on behalf of the Optical Valley to attend the national final.

In March, "Looking for Entrepreneurial Models of Optical Valley", the Optical Valley station of Entrepreneurial Models of China, was officially launched. Through layers of screening, the final five entrepreneurial heroes of Optical Valley from the field of emerging industries outstanded thousands of entrepreneurial athletes and participated in the final competition on 14th April. They are respectively Ye Yi, Liu Jingfeng, Ouyang Chenxi, Yang Bozhi, Ceng Jianhua.

The final was presented by Chen Weihong and Wang Xiaoya,both are famous hosters of CCTV. The four-hour final was full of compact content, relaxed atmosphere and wise communication. The Final has three parts, players display, mentor reviews and mentor group consultation. On the Final scene, MinDaYong, Chairman of HGTECH· HGLASER made comments to each player.

Liu Jingfeng from Purui Electronic Technology came back to China and began his entreprese in 2010. The Mini PC platform (pcDuino) developed by him simplified and standardized build open source of the modern sensors, actuators and of interface communication module. Its products can be developed and combined freely according to meet customers’ need .

Yang Sen Biology, founded by Ouyang Chenxi, who has been a doctor and teacher for 18 years, is the first domestic enterprise engaging in the research and manufacturing of bionic artificial blood vessel. Combining textile materials with biological science and technology, its techonology is of international advanced level. Although this area is full of unknown difficulties and high risk, Ouyang says that as a doctor, he may only save ten thousand lives of patients his lifetime, but entrepreneurship may bring infinite possibility.

Zhang Wentong, Director of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Zone Management Committee, says that entrepreneurship in Optical Valley is not isolated but a common pursuit of government, society and universitu. Currently there’re more than 2000 young entrepreneurship groups, the entrepreneurial atmosphere here may attract more people to pursue their dreamsin Optical Valley.

It is reported that the 90-minute program of "Looking for Entrepreneurial Models of Optical Valley" will be presented on CCTV Financial Channel during the prime time.