HGTECH • HGCYBER Won "National Supply Chain and E-Commerce Platform Collaborative System Construction Project"

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On January 17, 2014, HGTECHHGCYBER successfully won the "National Supply Chain and E-Commerce Platform Collaborative System Construction Project" of the Article Numbering Center of China with the tender number 0722-1361 - FE1389LXO.

Depending on the National Product Quality and Safety Traceability and Regulatory Platform Construction, HGTECHHGCYBER completed the whole life cycle report of product data. Through product circulation, it finished product quality and safety traceability in the end of production and the information management ofretail chain enterprises, realizing the precision positioning of whole life cycle of products and providing a basis for achieving on-demand product trial production.

Relying on the customer resources and rich project experience on precision positioning platform and production circulation of HGTECH, HGCYBER standed out in the bidding process and successfully won the bid. The project mainly focused on supply chain collaboration, e-commerce and honest services and aimed to solve the present problems in the development of supply chain such as standard disunity, poor overall coordination, low service efficiency, and the faith problem etc.. Through the research and development for key technology of the supply chain and e-commerce collaborative system, HGCYBER constructed supply chain and basic information collaborativie service system, supply chain collaborative service system of different industries and regions, and realizied the interconnection between basic information level and collaborative business level service system, carried out application demonstration and establish supply chain and e-commerce collaborative infrastructure and supply chain collaborative service system.

Through a series of key technology in supply chain and e-commerce collaboration, The project improved the level of supply chain coordination between enterprises, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry in China and guide the adjustment of industrial structure. All these are favorable to change the pattern of economic development in our country, promote the traditional industry upgrading and enhance China's capacity for independent innovation, which are the important parts of modern service industry and e-commerce support. At the same time, the construction of national central platform improved the customer resources of our company in the production enterprises, logistics companies and retail terminals, promoting the company to lay a solid foundationin for each step for the whole supply chain with deep data information integrated services.