HGTECH·HGIMAGE Participated in 2014 World Tobacco Middle East

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On April 1-3, HGTECH·HGIMAGE took part in 2014 World Tobacco Middle East held in Dubai World Trade Exhibition Center, the United Arab Emirates.

World Tobacco Exhibition is one professional exhibition initiated by the World Tobacco Group, which has provied services for world tobacco industry over 40 years and made great contribution the development of this industry. The 2014 World Tobacco Middle East is the only one tobacco event in the fast growing Middle East market. As a world-class professional tobacco exhibition, it attracted hundreds of tobacco and tobacco packaging companies as well as high quality audiences from all over the world. The exhibition comprehensively shows the diversity of tobacco, tobacco packaging products and related technology equipments, reflecting the development trend of international tobacco and tobacco packaging technology .

As one comparative rich region, tobacco consumption in Middle East increases quickly and constantly in recent years. In this exhibition, HGTECH·HGIMAGE tried to improve the the brand image of HGTECH Hologram Products in the Middle East and the world., and particularly propagandize and promote the innovative tobacco packaging products and excellent customer service, which can meet different demands of tobacco packaging products for different user groups. On this exhibition, HGTECH·HGIMAGE also exchanges information with each big tobacco and tobacco packaging enterprises and collect information about the potential partners, the exhibition effect is good.